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Made in Nepal

You have to be a disciple of the ‘Flower Generation’ or a transitory foreigner to wear clothes made here—thus is the prevalent notion. The local products are forsaken. The apparels present in the following pages are all ‘Made in Nepal’—stitched, knitted and the fabrics too are locally woven. Besides the garments, the jewelry and all other accessories are also exclusively designed and produced in Nepal. These are not only meant to cater to the tastes of expatriates and other foreigners, but for all—all those who love fashion.

Most of the material used in making the clothes of the “Gaurav Collection” are from Mahaghuti, produced in their production centre and some of them are hand-spun. Some clothes were stitched by BSC supported women entrepreneurs and some by Mahaghuti. The majority of the jewelry and accessories were made by BSC supported women entrepreneurs. Recycled materials have also been used in the making. Mahaghuti is one of the market promoters of BSC supported women entrepreneurs and it is the exclusive market promoter for this collection. Sebastian Alcala worked for Product Design and Development (PD&D) of the BSC Project and the collection is the outcome of his consultancy during July-August 2010. BSC Project is a partnership of Business and Professional Women, Nepal (FBPWN) as the implementing agency and the Italian INGO Italian Association of Women in Development (AIDOS) as the agency which provides technical assistance and is co-funded by EU.


Source : Living Magazine

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