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Sabita Maharjan (Kirtipur Hosiery), Kirtipur

If one were to describe Sabita Maharjan, one would have to say that she is ‘good natured’. She has a warm smile and a friendly personality. However, when one gets to know her more, one would have to say that she is someone who can best be described as an ‘entrepreneur’. She runs a company called Kirtipur Hosiery in Kirtipur. She says, “Although this is my main business, I am also chairperson of a co-operative and I run a literacy class and impart handicraft training to local women here”. She came into contact with BSC about one and a half years ago when the latter had held a meeting in Kirtipur. She says, “BSC selected me as one of the participants of their entrepreneur development programme for training in business management since I was running a small business”.

_HIS2684.jpgShe already had some experience in her chosen sphere of activity and was found to have the entrepreneurship qualities BSC was looking for. Currently, Sabita is providing employment for about 40 women in different parts of the valley, such as Thankot, Thaibu, Balkhu, Kalimati, and of course, Kirtipur, to whom she assigns work by providing designs and the required raw material, that is, wool. Sabita is a single mother and lives with her small son in a rented flat in the main bazaar area of Kirtipur where she also has a room set aside where three or four women knit various items all day long. She is glad to be associated with BSC and says, “With their assistance, I established my own brand called K-Knitting. They are also help me to set up my company website.”

K-Knitting produces woollen pullovers, scarves, socks, and so on. A recent batch has a large ‘K’ logo on each item. It was apparently an idea of BSC’s fashion consultant. According to the smiling entrepreneur, BSC’s training in various aspects of her business, such as management, accounting and marketing in addition to knitting and design, has been a big help and boosted her confidence no end. BSC has also arranged for some samples of K-Knitting to be displayed in market on the premises of a famous restaurant in Kathmandu. Has this helped? Sabita says that because of this, she has come into contact with a Korean company who want to enter into collaboration with her to market her products worldwide.

According to her, “They will be investing in the infrastructure and the raw materials as well as marketing. We have had some preliminary talks and they have offered me either payment on a pro rata basis for all works done as per their orders, or a 5 % share in the company itself. Let’s see how it goes.” Obviously, she is quite excited with this opportunity, just as any entrepreneur would be. What more does she expect from BSC? “I think skill enhancement trainings should be done from time to time and I do look forward to BSC providing our company with more market linkages.” She smiles as she says this, but one can see that behind the smile lies a lot of determination and in her eyes one can see her dreams coming true.

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