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Mum's Felt of Mandevi Maharjan, Kirtipur

Mandevi Maharjan lives in Kirtipur in an old building along with her husband Upendra, their children, her in-laws and the grandmother of her husband. Her workshop is on the top floor, which one reaches after climbing two flights of narrow stairs. One room contains three or four sewing machines, a cutting table and racks of dyes and colours. “Our original business was to make bags,” says Upendra, who himself was a dye master in a pashmina company. Mandevi adds, “But we have been helping Upendra’s parents in felt cutting for many years as well.” So the felt business was not something entirely new to them.

Mandevi was selected as one of the participants of BSC training. “I learnt about how to manage a small business and I have also attended a training in making and dyeing felt.” says Mandevi. She also adds, “BSC have also been assisting me in providing innovative designs and now we are also able to sell my felt products in London”. Both she and her husband agree that the present premises are not very conducive to their work but as Mandevi says, “We are planning to do some redecorations to the house as it is my husband’s family house.”


Mandevi is confident that her business in felt handicraft will expand: “BSC has already found two buyers for us, one in Italy and one in the UK” she says. Mum’s Felt has already supplied a bulk order for felt incense holders to a local shop with whom they came into contact with through BSC.

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