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How we work

We select women in villages that are already engaged in some productive activities and who act as the main breadwinners of the family.

We run three day workshops in which we enhance their self-esteem and confidence to start an enterprise or to develop their income generating activity into a formal business. We emphasize that starting an enterprise is a serious business: they need to be committed to it for a long period, they need to build the trust of their families in what they are going to do because at the end of the day they will become successful entrepreneurs only if they have their family's support.


We organise one-to-one visits to explain current market situations to them, both local and international; how quality and delivery time are essential to build long working relationships with buyers; how their management and technical skills will be improved to match market demands. With those women who already run small businesses, we discuss the issues and challenges they face and we formulate individual strategies to overcome them.


We run five day management training courses in which the women learn and practice how to organise their workplace, how to market their products and retain their customers, how to calculate the costs, profit and the break-even point, how to fix prices and how to keep the accounts. 

We undertake research for assessing the marketability of the activity that the women want to initiate. We encourage the women to produce goods or offer services that are in demand in the marketplace; we discourage goods and services which already saturate markets.

We take the women to different markets in Kathmandu where they see how shops and department stores display and package their products, the quality of the products sold there and the prices they are sold for. 

We find potential buyers for each potential entrepreneur and working together with them we assess whether the women need technical training to improve their skills to meet market demands.  


We don't provide loans to the entrepreneurs but we assist them to obtain credits from credit institutions with which we establish good working relationships.

We carry on supporting the women entrepreneurs by providing them with technical, managerial and marketing assistance and by establishing market linkages until the women are able to run their businesses on their own.

We also support the women when they need assistance in fields in which BSC has no expertise, such as legal aid, reproductive health care or gender based violence (GBV) counselling, by referring them to other organisations that provide those services.

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